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[玩具報告] Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri 02 Tarn Kuma Report

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本帖最後由 KumaStyle 於 7-11-2018 10:07 AM 編輯

Got the full review and gallery for FlameToys' Kuro Kara Kuri 02 Tarn up on site.

The article breaks this thing down but overall it's an extremely solid and articulated piece that shows very quickly in-hand why the price is so high. Here are a few shots from the 20-picture gallery:

發表於 7-11-2018 12:03:43 | 顯示全部樓層
thanks for the detail report!


Thank you so much!  發表於 7-11-2018 01:06 PM
發表於 4-6-2019 23:11:44 | 顯示全部樓層
千值練FB news:

產品:[鐵機巧] 02P 塔恩 (能量爆發ver.)
售價:RMB 2,760 (運費到付)
※本產品全球限量500隻(WF上海200隻、ACGHK 200隻、D4TOYS.COM 100隻)。不作一般店舖流通販賣。
★2019年6月8日早上9:00開始於千值練/Flame Toys展位接受預訂,每人限2隻,名額有限,先到先得,不設每天獨立數量(即第一天額滿後第二天將不會再開放預訂)★
【WF Shanghai news】
『Limited edition』+『Event exclusive』+『Early pre-order』
Item: [KURO KARA KURI] 02P TARN (Power Burst ver.)
Price: RMB 2,760 (freight collect)
※This item is limited to 500pcs worldwide (WF Shanghai 200pcs, ACGHK 200pcs, D4TOYS.COM 100pcs) and will NOT be distributed via toy shops.
★We will take pre-order from 9:00am, 8 Jun at Sentinel / Flame Toys booth, first come first served. Each person is limited to 2pcs. Pre-order will stop once quota is reached. There is no separate quota for the two-day event (i.e. if quota is reached on the first day, pre-order will NOT be available on the second day)★
ACGHK and D4TOYS.COM pre-order details will be announced later.
發表於 5-6-2019 12:12:27 | 顯示全部樓層
Thanks for Sharing
發表於 8-8-2019 21:10:29 | 顯示全部樓層
Flame Toys FB info.

Thank you everyone and the pre-order of [Kuro Kara Kuri] Optimus prime is finished successfully!
Next wave will be the one which we have received many inquiries everyday. Yes ! It is the 100pcs limited version [Kuro Kara Kuri] TARN (Power Burst Ver.) !!!!!
The ordering of [Kuro Kara Kuri] TARN (Power Burst Ver.) will start on 11st August, 2019 at 10:00am (HK time) in It is reminded that this time 100pcs is in stock but pre-order ! If you order successfully, the goods will be dispatched before 17th August, 2019 !!! Don't miss the last chance to get one in your life !
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