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玩具狂熱 HotToys 7月 新品

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Reminder for Pirates of the Caribbean collectors!! - To celebrate the “Pirates of the Caribbean-At World’s End” clung to the top of the North America Box office, Hot Toys decided to bring you more awesome figures of characters from the movie. Make sure to keep yourself update on if you don’t want to miss out their news. Furthermore, since the movie hit the theatre last few weeks, collectors start searching our 12” Captain Sao Feng and Captain Jack Sparrow everywhere. At a result, it affected our preorder stock in dangerously low quantities! Our advice is: Preorder the pirates ASAP or they’ll be gone and might not return forever!!

Captain Jack Sparrow debut at - Although his crew mutinied, but he will always be Captain Jack Sparrow even his Black Pearl has gone. After a long term development on the 12" Captain Jack Sparrow collectible action figure, he is available for preview at finally. As usual, this figure comes with highly detailed costume and accessories, such as the magic compass, cold steel sword, pistol with one bullet as well as his beloved tricorn private hat. What are you still waiting for? Let’s move and get yours!

Hot Toys’ new born baby…Cosbaby - In April’s newsletter we promised that we will bring you something CUTE from the Pirates of the Caribbean, so here they are! Designed by Hot Toys, the new product line – COSBABY has born in this month. These mini Cosbabies stands approximate 3 inches tall, comes with snap kits with join articulations, removable weapons and amazing detailed accessories. If the 1/6th action figures are unaffordable for you, the Cosbabies must be the worthiest collectibles to build up your POC3 collection. You can get 2 styles of Jack Sparrow, Sao Feng, Davy Jones as well as Will Turner in ONE set. In fact, they’re so addicting and conveniently priced that you won’t be able to collect just one! This set will be released next month!!

Watch out! The Giant Jack Sparrow is coming!! - Collectors always love jumbo sized version of tiny collectibles, like our Jumbo Chubby Darth Vader. That’s why we’re bringing you the Giant Cosbaby – Jack Sparrow, which stands 12 inches tall, comes with a removable pirate hat along with ultra detailed accessories. Take a closer look on this valuable baby by clicking the thumbnail. This collectible will be released in Q3, 07.

The bloody hunter will be back soon! - Dear Predator collectors, another highly detailed 1/6th scale Predator will be available at HOT TOYS! This model kit is remarkably life-like, with hyper-realistic texturing and details, capturing the full intensity of the bloody hunter from the movie Predator 2. Besides, a skull trophy accessory will be a bonus for this set, which is worth to add into your collection, don’t you think so? This item will be in-stock in Q3, 2007, don’t forget to grab one or you’ll regret.

USMC II MARINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE - Special Operation Training Group - Today we’re so excited to announce our new military action figure - USMC II MARINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE - Special Operation Training Group. This figure features with numbers of NEW accessory such as MOLLE Recon Vest, MBSS Backpack, Waist Belt w/ Suspender, Waist Bag, FSBE Leg Panel, Weapon Catch, Dump Magazine Pouch, MICH/ACH Headset System, SI Assault Gloves, Simulation Bullets, Folding Knife as well as the Battery Box, etc. Sounds amazing?! When everybody is talking about this unique item, so find your way to preorder yours right now!!

Great News for Prison Break addicts!! - In next season of Prison Break which will be premiered on 27-Aug, Michael Scofield and the gang will be locked up in a Panama Prison, No one knows if they could escape again. Fortunately, we are sure to tell you where to find Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, as our distributors - Blister Direct and Sideshow Collectibles are going to carry both Prison Break figures to their territories. That should be a very good news for you, isn’t it? Make sure to preorder yours at their web sites if you don’t want to miss the hot deal! On the other hand, as these two items are most-talked on forums, however, the pricing at US$530 is really scaring our fans! This is because the information was totally wrong!! Please check with our dealers who is close to you and you’ll find out it’s absolutely affordable to collect both.

Rocky IV – the Game is about to start! -Hey, Rocky fans! Are you ready to watch the exciting game between Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed?? Please get well prepared to welcome both players, as they will be arrived in July, 07. Meanwhile, you may want to check with your local dealer for their arrival date in order to grab them ASAP!!

The Elder Predator on Throne Statue will be arrived soon! - Good news! The first ever statue masterpiece – Elder Predator on Throne from the AVP movie, will be start shipping in July, 07. Get a better display space for this beautiful art piece and let it be the special one in your own collection. Let me remind you that this scene has never been found in the AVP movie, because this is an interpretive Predator re-designed by a Hong Kong artist.

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咁我訂左7月出既Power loader,提都冇提
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Predator2 open mouth  (Battle Damage Version) ....有幾會出嗎??

1/6 alien queen...... 有幾會出嗎??
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咁我訂左7月出既Power loader,提都冇提

希望唔好delay la!!!
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原文章由 CMING 於 5-7-2007 02:42 AM 發表

希望唔好delay la!!!

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原文章由 ED209 於 5-7-2007 03:46 AM 發表


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係0米P2 7月出呢!!!???
power loader 之後先出!!!???
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原文章由 RAH220 於 8-7-2007 12:27 PM 發表

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Captain Jack Sparrow  in stock now!

今日收到電話說有 Bear ,:?

吓Bear ,說甚麼Bear 呢:?:?:?

起初聽不清楚,不知電話中的人說甚麼,再問一次才聽到他說可以取Captain Jack Sparrow了
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